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I'm Madison. I post some of my art and fanfictions, but I also post a bunch of stuff funny stuff. I'm that sarcastic person that you have to listen for with the witty remarks. My obsessions include but are not limited to: Legend of Korra/Avatar, Modern Family, Revolution, Once Upon a Time, Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Mel Brooks, and Corgis.


another proof that cats are liquids


another proof that cats are liquids

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  • Miranda getting so tired of Shep not keeping up with her reports that she ends up supervising Shepard herself while she writes them.
  • Miranda developing a friendship with Chakwas and both of them making fun of Shepard’s talent for getting into trouble over a glass of Serrice Ice Brandy.
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Mass & Recreation Part III - Mood Whiplash Edition
(part I) (part II)


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“Things are never going to be easy for us, but I’ll always want you in my life.”

A single tear rolled down her cheek before the other followed the same trail. The big apartment suddenly felt too tight, and Miranda found it hard to breathe. She pressed her lips together to prevent herself from…

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Imagine Miranda deciding to get a tattoo and fondly rubbing it whenever she thinks that it’s something she decided for herself rather than how she was designed

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"Waiter! Space Diva needs more wine!"
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C E R B E R U S  C H E E R L E A D E R

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